Planning your wedding in seven simple steps

When planning your wedding one of the big decisions that need to be made is what theme to go for to achieve a reflection of both your personalities. You can decide to go for a theme to tell a story of your relationship and how it has blossomed, may be places you have visited together, what shared interests you have or maybe a recreation of a setting that is personal to you both. Others opt for a colour theme. Reflecting on the season, Favourite colours or simply a mix that you believe sets the tone for your special day. There is no right or wrong decision to make. As long as the theme you go for is something you are happy with then things should fall nicely together once you start with that initial idea.

There is an endless list of themed styled wedding ideas and it can be hard sometimes choosing one and sticking to it without going off track along the way with distractions from other ideas you may see. We have created a collage of some of our favourite ideas that you could look at for inspiration to create your own wedding theme.

We would recommend that you create a scrapbook and fill it will different cut-outs of ideas that you like and want to incorporate into your day, Once you have collected all your ideas have a look at which ones you feel would work well for yourselves, which would suit the type of venue you are having your wedding at and which one you feel is affordable to achieve with your set budget in mind.