Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important day of your life, not only do you want it to run smoothly; you want to look the part too. Brides often spend months in advance perfecting their appearance for the big day. Sometimes this includes weight loss, skin care regimes, cosmetic treatment and much more.

Our guide is to help you look the best you can for your big day, as of course, it will be one of the most significant days. Need help planning your wedding? Click here.

Nourish your skin

SkincareCreating a skincare routine that works for your skin is vital. You don’t want to have a bad skin day on your wedding as it can make you feel self conscious and all you want to feel is happiness. Eating and drinking enough and healthily can help to give your skin a boost and make you look fresh. Read more.

In addition, it is important to clean, tone and moisturise your skin on a daily basis all using a skincare range that is suitable for your skin. All skincare companies cater for dry, sensitive, combination and oily skin so there will be something on the market for you. Find a collection suitable for you.

Put your face forward for the big day

As well as keeping your skin fresh, you need to ensure that your facial features are looking as enhancing as they possibly can. Take care of your appearance by taming your brows. If you aren’t one who likes to maintain your brows everyday, then maybe permanent eyebrow tattooing is for you.

Semi Permanent EyebrowsHaving your eyebrows tattooed isn’t as scary as some may think. It is a totally comfortable experience and the benefits certainly pay off. Perfectly shaped brows help to enhance the entire face as the procedure helps to add symmetry, definition and colour to your face.

We recommend Natural Enhancement based in London. With over 12 years of experience, they have created techniques and treatments that are made for everybody results with high satisfaction ratings. Click here. Alternatively, call them on 0208 995 2200 to discuss a treatment suitable for you.

Brighten your smile

A lot of people are insecure about their smile and prefer to not show their teeth in photographs, but it’s your big day and it’ll be filled with pictures being taken. Discover photography packages.

We recommend having them whitened before the big day, so you can show everybody how happy you are without the worrying of how you look when you smile. Click here to find out more.